Is this the end of campfires?

May 2019, Bridgewater on Loddon, Vic

We recently attended a caravan club muster at Bridgewater on Loddon in Central Victoria and who should we run into but mates from northern Queensland who are heading towards South Australia. Sorry map readers, but we caravanners don’t always take the most direct route, anywhere.

The late autumn nights here in Victoria have been very chilly and our mates have certainly been feeling it, so much so that they solved the problem. They raced out and bought electric throw rugs. Now they can sit outside under the awning (to avoid the dew) chatting until the wee hours and remain cosy and warm. And I’m told the voltage is so low that they can run on an inverter when free camping but I’m not going to recommend that either.

At least there’s no smoke. Until they overload the inverter!

7 thoughts on “Is this the end of campfires?

    1. Ha, it sure has. Once upon a time it was a Mini Moke and a 2 man nylon tent on the Nullarbor and now Woody is saying “Do you think we should take the electric throw rug.” Oh haven’t we gone soft!


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