A Cryptic History

Sometimes they tell us where we are or aren’t, other times they’re amusing or confusing. Many honour folks long gone, and some point to a past we wish we could change.

Bet Bet Betley Road (links the areas of Bet Bet and Betley in Victoria)

Biddon-Bearbung Road (Does that mean we’re in Biddon?)

Tittybong (Methinks the meaning has changed)

Upotipotpon (near Benalla, Vic)

Crutches Rd (Newell Highway)

Tilly Willy Bridge

Ah – See Creek (Carnarvon Hwy)

R.M. Creek Creek

Irish Jim’s Lane (Newell Highway)

Wild Horse Tank Rd (on the Kidman Way)

Mail Paddock Creek

Christmas Creek and Easter Creek (On the Bruce Hwy north of Townsville)

Growlers Gully Road

Banister Bog

Little Goodbye Creek

Bone Yard Lagoon (Carnarvon Hwy)

Skull Creek

Skeleton Creek

Long Sleep Plain

Poison Waterholes Creek

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