Hamilton Hume and William Hovell

Mar 2019, Albury, NSW

Time and again we cross the path of great explorers. Europeans who set off into the unknown with little more than hope and dreams in search of arable land and inland seas. People who would have seemed small and under nourished by today’s standards, yet filled with tenacity and courage.

We’ve crossed Burke and Wills ill-fated route in many places on our travels. They crossed the continent from south to north only to perish part way home. Sturt, McDowell Stuart, Leichhardt, Mitchell and Hume and Hovell among others.

In Albury while walking in the park we chance upon the Hovell tree, still thriving on the banks of the Murray River. The tree was inscribed by Hovell in 1824 with the words “HOVELL Novr 17/24” when he and Hume discovered the Murray and named it the Hume River.

Today the river is known as the Murray yet Hume will be forever remembered by its man-made reservoir the Hume Dam and of course the Hume Highway the most popular route between Sydney and Melbourne.

The Hovell Tree complete with ‘possum guard’, Albury, NSW

8 thoughts on “Hamilton Hume and William Hovell

  1. We’ve travelled through Albury so often, yet only discovered this park during our trip last month. Such fascinating history and an oasis in the middle of a bustling city


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