June 2015

Katherine in the Northern Territory is the birthplace of champion cyclist Cadel Evans. This is a very tropical town and Shady Lane Caravan Park is all palms and mango trees. I ask the chap at the Katherine Info Centre what the main attractions are in town, apart from the Katherine Gorge of course, and with a big grin he replies “me”. I’ll have to stop asking that question.

Low Level Crossing, Katherine

12 thoughts on “Katherine

    1. I was just about to ask my husband and his brother who are both sprawled in front of the television. But I thought better of it and resorted to Dr Google. It was named by explorer John McDouall Stuart (who is rapidly becoming my favourite explorer) in honour of the second daughter of a pastoralist, James Chambers. Though there is a kerfuffle over the spelling as the wife was Katherine and the daughter Catherine. But then our ancestors were quite good at confusing us with name repetition etc. weren’t they?

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  1. We’ll be heading Katherine again later this year. The springs there are lovely. We’ve done the gorge trip, which is in my opinion, the best of Australia’s gorges, not that I’ve done them all. Maybe this year we’ll hire the canoes and do the Gorge that way.


      1. Oh no! That is a shame, A good reason to go back though. I haven’t been to Agnes Falls. In fact that’s the first of heard of it – I’ll have to look into it – but not break my ankle there. How awful.


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