Keeping up with the news

When we’re on the road we enjoy listening to local radio though sometimes things get a little hectic. One can be in the middle of what appears to be nowhere and the radio will be telling us about a rather busy local snowdropper (one who steals undies from clotheslines), our mates will be telling us on the CB of a galloping emu up ahead and then someone will ring with some gossip from back home or a great campsite they’ve found heaven knows where. We can be grateful for the lack of traffic sometimes. Here are a few choice ones:

2017 NSW Coast: Not something you hear every day. “The whale carcass that washed ashore at One Mile Beach will be cleared this evening.”

2017 Somewhere near Dubbo: On the radio we listen to the local funeral announcements and the found of the lost and found: “well-trained rainbow lorikeets found in the Dubbo area. A husky like dog with one brown eye and one blue and a gold and diamond ring, how could you not know you’d lost that!”

2018 Western Qld: This westerly route to Longreach is shorter but there are fewer towns. As we listen to the local radio they are discussing tourism and the dinosaur trail. “There is a kronosaurus down there that needs to be excavated.” Says the local expert. It seems that in a short decade or so cattle and sheep have taken a backseat to dinosaurs around here.

2018 Hillston: It’s hard work being a navigator as our next camp isn’t easy to find. To make things worse there is a lot of chatter on the CB radio and warnings to give our mates behind of ‘roos and emus. To cap things off a familiar voice comes on the radio, not the CB but the ABC, yes my old schoolmate Beth is on the radio with Jon Faine, yet again, God that girl loves to chat. This is doing my head in.

Note: Old Ma Mirabella our 3rd grade teacher was right when she told the class that Beth had been vaccinated with a gramophone needle but I’ll bet she never guessed that she’d end up yakking on radio and TV.

Whale beached at Sawtell, NSW

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