Mixed metaphors and cool coffee

We’re driving down from Nanango (Bunya country) to Toowoomba on Queensland’s Darling Downs. The sun is shining but it’s only 12 degrees outside. Ew and we’re still in shorts.

Woody loves listening to Sydney’s John Laws on talkback radio as we don’t get it in Melbourne. I’m so over it that I threaten that I’ll neck myself if we listen to it one more morning!

…On John Laws morning show a woman is mixing her metaphors “This can of worms is going to hit the fan!” I’m laughing so much that I miss out on hearing what the can of worms actually is.

We cruise easily into Toowoomba and go in search of ‘Sleepless City Coffee Roasters’ and we’re desperate, we’ve only got a spoonful of coffee left. After a worrying drive through suburban houses we spot it. A busy corner, a very cool cafe and the coffee is good.

Skirting the Bunya Forest south of Nanango

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