Maryborough Golden Jubilee Band Rotunda

Maryborough, Vic, Feb 2022

Maryborough Band Rotunda

Erected in 1905 to celebrate the town’s golden jubilee this ornate band rotunda stands in Princes Park, Maryborough, Vic. The particularly ornate cast ironwork caught my eye and is recorded as being Late Victorian style. It’s certainly more ornate than your average pub veranda.

In this technological era, it’s hard to imagine bands playing in the park on a Sunday afternoon without the use of electricity. I recently researched a branch of Woody’s family who were 19th-century musicians. Their brass band was contracted to lead a circus into western Victorian towns back in 1871.

We must be jaded by an abundance of entertainment nowadays, as we tend to just say “Oh, the circus is back” as we drive past the normally empty plot of land on our way to the shops.

Detail of cast ironwork

4 thoughts on “Maryborough Golden Jubilee Band Rotunda

  1. My nana was born in Maryborough in the 1880’s but all records of her birth were lost when some official building burnt down some years later. I have never followed that through but it’s on my ‘list of things to do one day’ 😉


    1. I share your frustration, hubby’s ancestor was born in Adelaide before they started keeping birth records. Have you searched for her on Trove the digitised newspaper site? You’ll be bound to find stories of her daily exploits and what she wore to the local balls. Good luck!


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