Jamboree Park

January 2022

A small overgrown pocket park in suburban Frankston, Vic is all that is left of the location of ‘the first international gathering of scouts outside of the United Kingdom and the only Jamboree attended by the founder of scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell’*.

Jamboree Park, Frankston, Vic

It’s hard to imagine that this housing estate was once an area of 280 acres of undulating land (my legs can attest to that) and in two weeks of late December 1934 and early January 1935 it played host to 100,000 visitors and 11,000 scouts from all corners of the globe.

Melbourne was selected for the jamboree in honour of the city’s centenary.
The surrounding street names give a hint to the undulating terrain. A short walk away is the thoroughfare named Baden-Powell Drive.



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