Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve

One of the good things to come out of this pandemic has been gaining a better understanding of where we live. The times when the lockdown restrictions bit hard and we could only walk in ever-increasing circles around our own neighbourhoods. Then the joy when restrictions were lifted enough to allow us to drive a few kilometres then walk around someone else’s neighbourhood. What a sheer delight.

The Langwarrin Reserve as it’s known is a popular walking spot at any time as can be seen by the number of cars in the parking area. Yet it’s possible to have a good walk without seeing many people. The park is that big.

Walking the main pathway, certainly a Covid safe distance

First established for military purposes back in 1886, it has been used sporadically as both a prison camp and a military hospital. It was used in both World Wars as a military camp and from what I’ve read while doing genealogical research it must have been a very busy place.

A section of the old reservoir

What I like best about this park is that it is a wonderful chunk of remnant bushland of the type that once covered much of the Mornington Peninsula. Though the Bunurong people have long gone as in so many parts of this region, their presence can still be felt.

The reservoir at Langwarrin Reserve

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