Boy’s Toys

When we’re towing the caravan we keep our car tyres quite firm for better fuel economy. But with the caravan safely stowed in the back yard we’ve been bouncing around town on tyres that are as firm as a tradie’s hard hat. When I complained about all this neck breaking bumping Woody decided to let them down a bit but discovered that his tyre pressure gauge had drowned in excess ice overflow from the ice fridge (please don’t ask, that’s another story). Off he went to the local Supercheap Auto store and came back with the pinnacle of tyre gauge … Continue reading Boy’s Toys

In For a Service

Being a woman of a certain age I recently and nervously checked in for my regular colonoscopy. As I laid there on the operating table in my stunning backless blue hospital gown my Gastro Enterologist, whilst waiting for the anaesthetist to do his job, was cheerily trying to relax me by asking how the caravanning was going. “I’d just love to talk my wife into caravanning” he said “what sort of four wheel drive do you have?” “We bought a Jeep” I said and promptly fell into unconsciousness.   Continue reading In For a Service

We bought a Jeep….what colour?

Tom Price is WA’s highest town and we decide to take the Jeep up the 4WD track to the top of WA’s highest peak, Mt Nameless. A Mitsubishi comes down the track and the driver declares it as not being too bad. So the challenge is on. I sit gritting my teeth in the back terrified while the boys discuss the use of low range, like there’s a choice! The road rears up in front of us at a frightening angle and it’s rutted from the rains. I’m just about looking for rosary beads and the boys are having a … Continue reading We bought a Jeep….what colour?

We Bought A …

It’s April 2014 we’ve traded the Ford Territory and this is the first big trip in the Jeep Commander and she’s a little slower on takeoff but tows beautifully when cruising. The most obvious difference is in the comfort of the ride. The Ford Territory with its strut problem used to bump and bang noisily. Now it feels like we’re riding on feather pillows. It’s also nice to have full instrumentation once more so we now know the outside temperature, welcome to the twenty first century! Not to mention the heavenly heated seats. Just beyond Newcastle We pull into the little hamlet … Continue reading We Bought A …

Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

We’re in our first van and stop for a pie in Colac, Vic. An older couple walking by wander over to admire our caravan bra (obviously they are caravanners) and we get talking. He asks what we think of the Ford Territory and if we’ve had it in for the front end knuckle warranty replacement yet. We both have an “Aaha” moment as we realise that this must be the cause of the unresolved front end knocking that we’ve had for so long. Continue reading Knock, Knock, Who’s There?