It’s written in the wind

April 2023

Those regular readers of this blog will know that we have had some worrying issues with our car. In fact, we’re beginning to think that it was almost a new vehicle having had an engine replaced after it cooked only 3 days into a planned trip to Darwin. Murray Bridge in winter is hardly the tropics of Darwin. Last year the transmission was replaced. Through no fault of the car, the front end had to be replaced when someone T -boned into it in reverse in a shopping centre car park. A hose blew in Central Queensland last winter and the Jeep was once again hauled onto a tow truck. Though that problem was the result of a mechanic not clamping a hose correctly. All in all, 4 times being towed away and twice with a sad-looking caravan hitched on behind the tow truck wasn’t a good track record. And still, we had no solution to the over-revving, the malfunction light flashing, and the loss of power issues. I reckon we’ve spent the equivalent of 2 small city cars in repair costs.

When we saw this sign on an almost identical car, well, it had to be a ‘sign’.

Near Murray Bridge… Darwin or bust, it was bust!

14 thoughts on “It’s written in the wind

    1. I really think that it’s the towing that is the problem. An old friend of ours kept his taxi when he retired, it’s done over a million kms. But pulling a couple of tonne and ours is only a small van…Anyway, good luck with finding Modus #2.

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  1. We sold our 2008 Jeep, though to be fair it wasn’t because we were having problems with it. The Car Guy just wanted to have a vehicle with some of the new technology to see what it is like. He bought a Durango and was really happy with how well the front distance sensor worked in heavy fog!


    1. Your Car Guy sounds like a bit of a character. Our first Jeep was a Commander, it was a great car. Upgrading to the Cherokee wasn’t such a great experience, yet we have 3 mates towing with the same model who’ve had no problems. Must have been built on a Monday or Friday eh!


  2. When we did the Gibb River Road a few years ago the only cars we saw being towed out were Jeeps. Everyone would look at everyone else and say, ‘guess who bought a jeep’. I would always recommend a Toyota. Of course you can still have problems with them, but they definitely hold their value. When we bought our Prado (2016 model), we were tossing up with an Everest. Both were about the same price. We stuck with Toyota, and having just sold it, I think we got about $10000 more for the Prado than what the Everests of the same year are now selling for.


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