Go West, Day 94 – Purnululu

Day 94

Monday 8th June 2015, warm around 30

Spring Creek to Purnululu

We cross the road and enter the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park which is part of Mabel Downs Station. In doing so we have created a new short distance record of about half a kilometre travelled. The caravan park is quite new and well set out. They do offer a cheap rate for those who wish to leave their van safely just for the day but we have decided to stay overnight anyway. 

Bungle Bungles Caravan Park

Dear Veewee today we found a worse road than Fowler’s Bay!!!

We unhook Priscilla and take off down the track to the National Park. Fifty three kilometres of bone jarring corrugations, twists, turns and blind rises. Not to mention the five or six creek crossings although I do notice Woody grinning like a Cheshire Cat with those. When we finally get to the ranger station we learn that there is another 60km return journey just to reach Cathedral Gorge. Deciding to err in favour of caution we choose to visit the nearby lookout before skedaddling back to camp. 

The view is absolutely incredible. We stand on a small knoll with an enormous range in front of us, the domes in the distance. It just screams ‘Outback Australia’. 

Another hour and a half of Mad Mouse meets the Big Dipper in the bush and we’re downing beers in the shade back at camp and vowing never to take a dirt road again. And thanking our lucky stars that we weren’t plastered across the bonnet of one of the many oncoming idiots driving at haste on the wrong side of the track.

Heading in to Purnululu National Park
No, I didn’t wade across first to photograph the Jeep!
Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles)

Accom: $50.00

Travelling Kms: err… 500metres

Note: Our site was at the back of the campground and with only a few campers nearby, it was a lovely bush camp for the night.

Window View from our van at Bungle Bungles Caravan Park

4 thoughts on “Go West, Day 94 – Purnululu

  1. I am sorry that this was not quite the experience you had hoped for. We spent a week camped in Purnululu in 2007, so stay tuned for when I get to the 2007 blog write up!


  2. Those travellers that drive at break neck speeds, seemingly with the intentions of floating above the corragation, are a real worry. I lost count on the Gibb River a couple of years ago of how many times we thought we were going to get cleaned up by a car, totally out of control, sliding sideways towards us as they came round a bend. Scary indeed. We flew into the Bungles, thank goodness. I’d heard it was really bad.


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