Elusive Wild Camels

We’ve towed a caravan around this country for 150,000kms. According to the NT.gov.au website, there are over one million feral camels in this country. And you know what? We’ve never seen one of them! Maybe a few angry ones but no wild ones. We’ve seen dairy camels and we’ve ridden camels on beaches and in the desert but not a one in the wild.

In 2018 when we planned our trip up the Stuart Highway to Darwin with mates The Prado’s and Toothless and his Missus, I was excited because it would be a good chance to see a camel or two in the wild. Then our car blew its engine in Murray Bridge and we, the van, and the car were quickly shipped home. What did our mates see the next day?… a camel, a camel wild and free.

Nup, none of these look the slightest bit cross. (Broome,WA)

7 thoughts on “Elusive Wild Camels

  1. I had no idea Australia had camels! I had to find out more. Apparently their numbers have been culled since 2009 and there are about 300,000 wild ones left. They are a good example of the harm that can be done to the land and native species when an animal is introduced that has no predators!


    1. But, appealing on the side of the camels…they and their Afghan cameleers did a fabulous job in helping to open up the outback. I believe we now export them as being isolated are free of disease. Isn’t it funny how blogs send you off researching the weird and the wonderful things in this world.

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