Go West, Day 93 – Spring Creek

Day 93

Sunday 7th June 2015, warm 27 degrees

Fitzroy Crossing to Spring Creek

Woody goes out for fuel at 8:00 am and gets breathalysed it’s great to see the alcohol restrictions being enforced.

The drive to Halls Creek is colourful, we rise up the Ngumban Cliffs and get a view south that stretches for miles. There are lots of mesas and jump ups, red soil, cream grasses and small spindly white trunked ghost gums. There are distant purple ranges and not a town. There is a feeling of remoteness out here and now there are more vans heading south than there are heading north, Broome having been the destination of choice for so many. It’s a lovely morning for a drive and ironic that I’m singing along to ‘On a clear day you can see forever’ while Woody dozes. Did I say remote? An Air Asia flight crosses above us at 11,000 metres MEL to KL, an A380, not so alone after all.

Ngumban Cliffs

We fuel up at Halls Creek surprised to be able to use a Coles supermarket voucher when the nearest Coles is about 400kms away. One must never assume.

Spring Creek is a large roadside rest area just outside the entrance to Purnululu National Park we’ll stay here the night to reduce the cost of our stay here as the caravan park is somewhat over the top at $50. Spring Creek is well appointed and has two levels, the lower and prettier beside the creek and the functional black top near the highway. Cows wander the fence line obviously counting the Jayco’s.

Accom: 0

Travelling Kms: 394 Kms

Spring Creek, WA
Spring Creek Rest Area
Out counting Jayco’s.
Map Source: WikiCamps

One thought on “Go West, Day 93 – Spring Creek

  1. I have only been breathalysed once. I had drunk 3 and a half pints of beer over the course of a couple of hours. I didn’t know what colour would be good. The gadget showed green. “Well done, you’ve passed” said the policeman. “Phew” I thought.

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