Oddities of Oz

Australia has more winter snow than Switzerland. Think about that one, what our Alps lack in altitude they gain in area. The Ghan is the world’s longest passenger train. 1.1Kms in length. It travels between Adelaide and Darwin, a distance of 2979kms. Now that would rock you to sleep. The Murray River is the third longest navigable river in the world (from Hume Dam to Lake Alexandrina). It is the 15th longest river in the world and to residents of south eastern Australia it is more than a river, it is a spiritual being. Our capital city is not Sydney … Continue reading Oddities of Oz

Leave me alone

May 2018 An icy autumn morning and the bush smells fresh and clean. The Kidman Way has very little traffic but we’ve never seen so much wildlife. Kangaroos, emus and goats and plenty of dead ones too. Woody is up to his old tricks and flat out swatting flies on the windscreen with the back of his hand. This is a long straight stretch and a sign says ‘Welcome to Outback NSW’. Then my phone rings, it’s a crank call from Norway…oh for God’s sake, can’t we just go bush once in a while? Continue reading Leave me alone

Get a load of this

We take a couple of mates out to our new favourite watering hole, the Ky West Hotel near Tongala in northern Victoria. It’s a warm day and we’re enjoying the hospitality of the pub when the farmer across the road decides to spread fertiliser. Around and round he goes and on each pass the pub is shrouded in smelly dust and visibility drops to zero. I don’t know about the quality of the soil but the barman is growing angry. Continue reading Get a load of this

The Cornish Miners

It is said that the old Cornish miners of Broken Hill used to sleep sitting up, because their lungs were too damaged by lead and dust to allow them to sleep horizontally. They had traipsed up from South Australia, with their worldly goods in their wheelbarrows, after the copper ran out at Burra in the early 1880’s. Can you imagine how it must have felt pushing a wheelbarrow 350kms across semi arid land? Continue reading The Cornish Miners

Where are you?

July 2017 Sunshine Coast, Qld Back at our camp at Lake MacDonald after a morning tootling about the Noosa river Woody sends a bragging InstaWeather pic to Dee and she replies with the temperature in Noosa. “What? You mean that you’re just down the road?” Yes, they’ve been up ‘here’ since Friday too. We spend a lazy afternoon chatting about life, death and dump points. Continue reading Where are you?

Are We Losing It…again?

Winter 2017 We’ve been out of TV range for the last few nights so we started watching Season 4 of A Place to Call Home (a family saga set in New South Wales). After a big night at the bowling club where we are camped we thought that we might just watch the first episode. We had awful trouble trying to remember who was on with who from the last series but what the heck. After all it had been quite a few years since we saw the last season on TV. Needless to say we fell into bed feeling … Continue reading Are We Losing It…again?