Karijini where are you?

After a rather pleasant Happy Hour with the neighbours Woody throws the empties in the recycle bin and I start preparing dinner. A few minutes later he is searching the camp for his favourite Karijini National Park stubby holder. Halfway through cooking dinner I find myself holding the torch while Woody climbs the ladder and leans into the dumper to extract said stubby holder. Oh dear, life is never dull on the road. Continue reading Karijini where are you?

We’ve Been Robbed!..?

Woody is rummaging around in the back of the Jeep. “I just reorganised it yesterday and now everything is in a different place, we must have been robbed, but I can’t find anything missing!” he says. We stare at the back of the car, the umbrella and hiking stick are within easy reach which is strange as they are normally behind the seat and rarely used. Come to think of it nothing is in logical order. We search the car for things of value, the GPS (who’d want her, she lies so often?), the small change (whoopee enough for a … Continue reading We’ve Been Robbed!..?

Please Explain?

I had been waiting for ten years to see the Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool in WA, they are supposedly the oldest living organisms on earth at 3,500 million years (that’s a lot of zeroes). After staring at them for a full half hour I must say that I am still none the wiser. Woody wanted to know if they light up at night! Our mate Dee called them tomatolites. Stromatolites, Hamelin Pool, WA Continue reading Please Explain?

Did You Know?

That Western Australia produces and exports both diamonds and talc. That is both the hardest and the softest minerals on earth. BASF extract beta carotene from the pink lake near Port Gregory in WA. It is the world’s largest beta carotene production plant. That Broome has the only RSL Club in Australia that doesn’t have walls. Which is not as silly as it sounds as it is a high roofed pavilion like those that you see in tropical resorts. Derby is close to the halfway point between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. Which is ironic as Geraldton to Derby was our … Continue reading Did You Know?