Are We Losing It…again?

Winter 2017

We’ve been out of TV range for the last few nights so we started watching Season 4 of A Place to Call Home (a family saga set in New South Wales). After a big night at the bowling club where we are camped we thought that we might just watch the first episode. We had awful trouble trying to remember who was on with who from the last series but what the heck. After all it had been quite a few years since we saw the last season on TV. Needless to say we fell into bed feeling a little confused.

The next night after a long dinner we put CD2 in the slot and became even more confused. Woody kept asking “Who’s she?” And “Where did he come from?” When the episode finished we ejected the CD and replaced it with CD3 to find the heroine about to give birth. “Where did that come from?” said Woody.

By the time that the episode had finished the baby had arrived but there were a lot of loose ends and we fell into bed thinking is it any wonder that season never made it to the free to air channels, it was much too fast paced for anyone to follow.

…Then it dawned on us, at about 4 in the morning, the time when all of life’s mysteries are solved…we’d watched episodes 1,5 & 9 out of 12! Good Lord we’ll have to start the whole bloody thing over again.



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