Oddities of Oz

Australia has more winter snow than Switzerland. Think about that one, what our Alps lack in altitude they gain in area.

The Ghan is the world’s longest passenger train. 1.1Kms in length. It travels between Adelaide and Darwin, a distance of 2979kms. Now that would rock you to sleep.

The Murray River is the third longest navigable river in the world (from Hume Dam to Lake Alexandrina). It is the 15th longest river in the world and to residents of south eastern Australia it is more than a river, it is a spiritual being.

Our capital city is not Sydney but Canberra which is our 8th largest city, with a population of 424,666 in 2015 (which includes neighbouring Queanbeyan which is outside the Australian Capital Territory in New South Wales). Huh? Yes Canberra is so small that they have to include the residents over the border.

Busselton has the southern hemisphere’s longest wooden jetty, 1841 metres and quite possibly one of the prettiest.

Camooweal is regarded by the locals as a suburb of Mt Isa 188 kms away. Well they are on the same road.

Derby has the second highest tides in the world, 11.8metres. Daily, tourists and locals alike stand on the semi-circular pier (you did read that correctly) to watch the tide do its thing and you would not want to fall in as megalitres of water is sucked out into the Timor Sea.

One half of the Derby wharf
Sunsets and tides, nature at its finest in Derby, WA
Swirling waters of the King Sound

8 thoughts on “Oddities of Oz

  1. Some interesting facts there.Good to see our home town jetty got a mention. It doesn’t look that long, but try walking it. It goes on for ever, and ever, and ever. It feels like you’re never going to reach the end..


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