Capricorn Dancers, Day 34 – Everyone loves Bundy

Day 34 Tuesday 29/6/21 Woodgate, sunny 23 It’s an easy drive of 54 kms into Bundaberg, the home of Bundaberg rum (Bundy) through forests and orchards of macadamias, mangoes and even chillies. It seems that most fruit and vegetables are grown here in abundance. After doing some shopping on Bourbong St it’s down to the riverside for a nice fish lunch at Grunske’s fish cafe. But, our plans are thwarted as it is Tuesday and they are closed on Tuesdays. Changing tack we pick up the groceries in a very crowded shopping centre, grab some sushi and eat it in … Continue reading Capricorn Dancers, Day 34 – Everyone loves Bundy


The main street of Bundaberg is the oddly named Bourbong Street. It is a treat to the eye with grand historic buildings, wide footpaths and manicured gardens of tropical plants, palms, water features and even a sculpture representing cane cutting knives in the centre verge. We joined a tour of the Bundy (the locals call everything in Bundaberg, Bundy) Distillery. The famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery is beside the giant belching sugar mill and as we get out of the car the air is thick with the smell of sugar, you could get fat just breathing around here. Before commencing the … Continue reading Bundy