Follow the Sun, Day 12 – Bundy

Day 12, 25/7/2019 Thursday, Cooroy to Bundaberg 10 – 25

 We sleep well as the only sounds here are crickets and a train away in the distance. It’s a cool morning but Woody is up early as usual and walks into town for bread and almond croissants from one of his many favourite bakers. It’s always nice to wake up to an almond croissant, isn’t it?

 It’s a dream run up the highway to Gympie then a rough old crawl around and over the city’s many hills and roadworks. We bypass Childers and sneak in the back way to Bundaberg, along the Goodwood Road.

We leave Priscilla in the capable hands of Laura and the crew at Dempsters Caravan Appliances and at their recommendation have lunch at Grunske’s By the River. Grunske’s is a large fish restaurant and seafood market overlooking the Burnett River. Feeling confident that the fridge will be fixed properly this time we settle in for a delicious lunch and a glass of wine. We fill in time walking around the city centre and the main Bourbong* Street and Woody slips into a chemist shop for his second flu shot, remember the last one was ‘compromised’.

The fridge is repaired, two parts are replaced and the water heater serviced as well and we’re on our way again, this time to Wyper Park Scout Camp. Thanks Laura.

Burnett River from Grunske’s fish restaurant

Of course the GPS sends us astray once more. How could we have missed the flags and the sign? Well, we were too busy watching the GPS that’s why.

The scout camp is set high on the banks of the Burnett River. This area is suffering at present and it is dry and dusty but it will do us for an overnighter. The road traffic is heavy but soon dies down.

Wyper Park Scout Camp, we should have camped over there…

Summary 229kms, toilets, showers, fire pits, Accom $10, fridge repairs $166.00 yay the fridge works on gas!

Footnote: There seems to be some contention over the name of Bundaberg’s main street. Whether it was named after Bourbon Island in the West Indies where a favourite sugar cane originated (with a G added later) or a corruption of Aboriginal words is yet to be decided.


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