The main street of Bundaberg is the oddly named Bourbong Street. It is a treat to the eye with grand historic buildings, wide footpaths and manicured gardens of tropical plants, palms, water features and even a sculpture representing cane cutting knives in the centre verge. We joined a tour of the Bundy (the locals call everything in Bundaberg, Bundy) Distillery.

The famous Bundaberg Rum Distillery is beside the giant belching sugar mill and as we get out of the car the air is thick with the smell of sugar, you could get fat just breathing around here. Before commencing the tour we are stripped of all batteries because of the explosive nature of all the alcohol. So we have to surrender phones, cameras, hearing aids, watches all manner of things that we don’t normally think about. There is a valid and constant awareness of the possibility of explosion as the plant was lost to fire in the 1930’s. We are taken into the molasses store and stand above 3 million litres of molasses that is stored in a concrete pit. Concrete because it would eat through anything else. After the tour we get to taste the products and after smelling rum for an hour we’ve all developed a newfound respect for it. The liqueur rum was particularly delicious and certainly rivals Drambuie and Benedictine in top shelf “moreishness”. The “Dark & Stormy” rum and ginger beer is the best alcoholic ginger beer I’ve tasted. By the time we make our way back to the CBD it is nigh on 3:00pm and we’re famished, especially Woody who has three nips of rum under his belt.

Note to travellers: The liqueur rum can only be purchased from the distillery. I know where I’m going next time we’re passing through Bundy.


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