Go West, Day 102 & 103 – Katherine

Day 102Tuesday 16th June 2015, warm Katherine Well surprise of all surprises today we did nothing, went nowhere and caught our breath. It’s one of those nice parks where you can just put your feet up and enjoy the surroundings. Every night here we are entertained by a most impressive air show put on by the RAAF from Tindal Air Base. Just after dark the big jets swoop overhead at such tremendous speed you don’t know where to look for them in the sky. Accom: $40.50 Travelling Kms: 0 Day 103 Wednesday 17th June 2015, humid and hot Katherine The … Continue reading Go West, Day 102 & 103 – Katherine

Go West, Day 101 – Katherine

Day 101 Monday 15th June 2015, 32 and warm Victoria River to Katherine Ah the smell of hay is wafting into the van. The sun turns the escarpments bright red. Kangaroos graze quietly, there are four blue winged kookaburras in the gum tree above. You know the ones that don’t laugh properly and all that comes out is a strange strangled sound. High up on the rock ledges are tall Livingstonia palms. Lorikeets and corellas go bonkers in the gum trees. This is beautiful country, coloured grasses (I’ve gained an appreciation for grasses on this trip) and perky, ooh bugger we’ve … Continue reading Go West, Day 101 – Katherine


June 2015 Katherine in the Northern Territory is the birthplace of champion cyclist Cadel Evans. This is a very tropical town and Shady Lane Caravan Park is all palms and mango trees. I ask the chap at the Katherine Info Centre what the main attractions are in town, apart from the Katherine Gorge of course, and with a big grin he replies “me”. I’ll have to stop asking that question. Continue reading Katherine

It’s More Than Just Souvenirs

It is the time of the year when we become a little more reflective, a little more caring of each other and grateful for life’s experiences. Sometimes we bring home something more than souvenirs from our travels. Last winter we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The town had a warm friendly feel to it and the locals were welcoming to tourists. We were kept busy with all of the attractions that the area had to offer until I tripped and broke my ankle. While I was waiting in the Emergency Department … Continue reading It’s More Than Just Souvenirs

Katherine Museum

The Katherine museum is a little beaut. We learn about the World War Two bombings, the 1998 twenty metre flood (when even the high level crossing was under water), pastoralists, explorers, the stolen generation and native title. Three things were a stand out to me. 1. The statue of a stockman on his horse at the entrance to town honours all stockmen and is the local legend Sabu Peter Sing part Chinese part Aboriginal. To me that typifies most Australians as we are a mixed bag. 2. The Planetarium built by a man known as ‘Galloping Jack’ who was an … Continue reading Katherine Museum