It’s More Than Just Souvenirs

It is the time of the year when we become a little more reflective, a little more caring of each other and grateful for life’s experiences.

Sometimes we bring home something more than souvenirs from our travels. Last winter we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Katherine in the Northern Territory. The town had a warm friendly feel to it and the locals were welcoming to tourists. We were kept busy with all of the attractions that the area had to offer until I tripped and broke my ankle.

While I was waiting in the Emergency Department at the Katherine hospital an elderly Aboriginal lady was wheeled in, in a wheelchair and looking rather forlorn. Until one of the medical staff cheerily called out “G’day ‘Jeanie’, what’s happened to you?” That lady’s face lit up with more warmth than the sun itself and all that I could feel was the love of a caring community.

Best wishes and compliments of the season to all of my readers and fellow bloggers.

Knott’s Crossing, Katherine, NT

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