Go West, Day 61 – Ningaloo Reef

Day 61 Wednesday 6th May 2015, cloudless, windy Osprey campground, Cape Range NP The wind picked up again overnight and we wake to whistling and buffeting. “It’s enough to blow your wig off” as Aunty Thel would have said. High misty crests crown the breakers on the reef. We find a blowhole in the rocks that roars like an ogre with every wave when the tide is high. I am so captivated by the rock formations that I scramble head down across the rocks taking photos of fossilised coral and watching my every foothold carefully for fear of being shredded … Continue reading Go West, Day 61 – Ningaloo Reef

Fish Food

Dee and I go for a swim and try hard to scrub our rough old feet in the sand. “Look” says Dee “here come out Knights in shining armour.” As soon as Dave hits deep water a stingray nudges his hip and whips his wrist leaving three barbs behind. Then Woody is chased by a large Trevally that has to be two feet long. Dave wades to shore in pain, Woody is running in circles shouting obscenities at the large fish that continues to chase him. Our Knights in shining armour! Another swimmer tells us that the fish are hand … Continue reading Fish Food