Fish Food

Dee and I go for a swim and try hard to scrub our rough old feet in the sand. “Look” says Dee “here come out Knights in shining armour.” As soon as Dave hits deep water a stingray nudges his hip and whips his wrist leaving three barbs behind. Then Woody is chased by a large Trevally that has to be two feet long. Dave wades to shore in pain, Woody is running in circles shouting obscenities at the large fish that continues to chase him. Our Knights in shining armour! Another swimmer tells us that the fish are hand fed regularly at the beach so they come looking for food. “I don’t want to be eaten by a fish” says Woody.A few days later we set up at Osprey Camp Ground in the Cape Range National Park and there is a sign on the toilet wall that says “Don’t feed the fish they will become aggressive.” We know that only too well.

Hungry trevally



4 thoughts on “Fish Food

  1. Ooo ouch, that must have hurt, but I couldn’t help but smile at your description. My poor grandson was stung by a weaver fish recently on holida. He said it made him feel ‘not quite right’.


      1. He didn’t want it to ruin his holiday and still went in the sea but they used a different bay. My grandsons are water babies (they would roll their eyes at that, practically teenagers!), nothing keeps them out of the sea!

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