Go West, Day 62 – Ningaloo Reef

Day 62

Thursday 7th May 2015

Osprey campground, Cape Range NP

Tucked into the Cape Range, tidal fed Yardie Creek Gorge is a hidden gem. The flat bottom boat takes us slowly and quietly up the creek. The red walls of rock are home to osprey whose nests are on the higher ledges and tiny black and grey rock wallabies that are no more than a half metre tall. They peek out at us from their caves. We see corellas, egrets and a Nankeen night heron. When everyone jumps up to photograph the corellas the bloke behind us says “they’re only bloody corellas I’ve got a backyard full of ’em.”


Spot the rock wallaby, Yardie Creek Gorge, WA

Yardie Creek Gorge, WA
Yardie Creek Gorge, WA
Osprey Beach, WA

When the tide goes out we swim at Osprey and just relax. At sunset we watch the rocky fortress like walls of the range change to red then when all is dark the moon rises bright orange above it. Oh God, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Accom: $13.20

Travelling Kms: 0

Another glorious sunset over Ningaloo Reef

4 thoughts on “Go West, Day 62 – Ningaloo Reef

  1. Funny isn’t it? Many years ago we flew up to the Great Barrier Reef for a sailing holiday. 3000 or so kms. The highlight for me was hand feeding rainbow lorikeets. A short while later we moved house 7kms away, only to find dozens of the cheeky devils hanging from the guttering waiting to be fed.


  2. Cape Range NP is a real gem. Here’s a mental picture for you…..1993…..Driver a 4WD novice. Came up through the station from Coral Bay, came to Yardie Creek. Driver gets excited about trying out his new skills in the water crossing and happy that there is no one else around to witness his probable bogging. Then along comes a full sized bus load of tourists to the northern bank. I was despatched to try to send them all away…….In the end, he sailed through, no problems. Over the years, we have discovered there is always a tour bus when you least want one…..


    1. Oh, I love it! You can always be guaranteed of an audience when you don’t want one. When I was researching this trip back in 2014 I could find little online about Cape Range, thankfully we were told not to miss it. The rough red range will stay in my memory.


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