Go West, Day 61 – Ningaloo Reef

Day 61

Wednesday 6th May 2015, cloudless, windy

Osprey campground, Cape Range NP

The wind picked up again overnight and we wake to whistling and buffeting. “It’s enough to blow your wig off” as Aunty Thel would have said. High misty crests crown the breakers on the reef.

We find a blowhole in the rocks that roars like an ogre with every wave when the tide is high. I am so captivated by the rock formations that I scramble head down across the rocks taking photos of fossilised coral and watching my every foothold carefully for fear of being shredded on the coral outcrops. Suddenly a French voice says “Elloo”. I raise my head and all that I can see is a perfectly tanned bare breast. “Top spot” I mumble and stumble off to leave her sunbaking in peace. I’m still wondering how she managed to balance her chair on those rocks.

Fossilised shells and coral cemented in the rough and jagged cliffs. Osprey Campground, WA


We drive down to Yardie Creek and there is a sign telling us that we may see euros. Do they mean small kangaroos or the multitude of backpackers in clapped out Wicked campers?


Osprey Beach, WA

Accom: $13.20

Travelling Kms: 0

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