It’s a long way to the top, Day 29 – The Hillbilly Goats

Day 29 Friday July 4th 2014 Port Douglas It rained overnight, not heavy but the plops from the palms were loud on the roof. It is still raining and the air is damp. By noon the rain has cleared and the world is drying out, rapidly. We assemble the fold up bikes and ride around the Port Road into town. A prawn trawler ties up and we’re fascinated with the agility of the young crew who leap about like monkeys and manage to reverse her into the berth unscathed with the use of the ropes and only one fender which … Continue reading It’s a long way to the top, Day 29 – The Hillbilly Goats

The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s 2014 and we are camped in Port Douglas, Qld. We have neighbours who appear not to be all that compatible. She sits outside smoking and he can’t drag himself away from the TV inside. We refer to them as “The Bold & the Beautiful” and wonder how long they’ll last on the road together. We drive up to Cooktown and are thrilled that we have three whole days to spend there as it is an unusual town. We run into “The Bold & the Beautiful” and they are having a puncture repaired. They are unsure of how long the … Continue reading The Bold and the Beautiful

Death in Paradise

Port Douglas in Far North Queensland has a fascinating, beautiful and well kept cemetery. When walking past the cemetery one tombstone stands out from the rest. That is the one of William Thomson “who went to his death by cruel and treacherous murder”. The farmer William Thomson was murdered by his wife Ellen and her lover John Harrison in 1886. They were both hanged. Ellen was the only woman to be hanged in Queensland. Continue reading Death in Paradise