It’s a long way to the top, Day 29 – The Hillbilly Goats

Day 29 Friday July 4th 2014 Port Douglas

It rained overnight, not heavy but the plops from the palms were loud on the roof. It is still raining and the air is damp. By noon the rain has cleared and the world is drying out, rapidly. We assemble the fold up bikes and ride around the Port Road into town. A prawn trawler ties up and we’re fascinated with the agility of the young crew who leap about like monkeys and manage to reverse her into the berth unscathed with the use of the ropes and only one fender which gets tossed back and forth across the stern.

After dinner we walk into town to The Courty (The Courthouse Hotel) to watch the Hillbilly Goats mountain band perform. We saw The Goats up here six years ago and they’re still pulling big crowds. The lead Goat Boy plays drums and cymbals whilst playing banjo or guitar as well as harmonica or singing as required, what a talent. Mountain music is very fast paced so his arms and legs are all going at a cracking pace is it any wonder he’s so thin. 

Travelling Kms: 0

The Courthouse Hotel, Port Douglas – what a pub!

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