It’s a long way to the top, Day 28 – Innisfail to Port Douglas

Day 28 Thursday July 3rd 2014 Innisfail to Port Douglas

It rained heavily overnight and we get wet hitching up. The road to Cairns is magnificent the lushest part of the journey thus far. Mist covered mountains and every creek is worthy of a calendar picture. Houses have vast lawns and spectacular garden beds of vibrantly coloured tropical plants.

The city of Cairns is as big and bustling as ever and the road to Port Douglas is still one of the country’s panoramic best. We have a leafy spot at the Pandanus Tourist Park and this will be our home for a few weeks. We’re centrally situated being only two blocks from busy Macrossan Street. The town still has the ambience of one great big resort. We have a beer at the Courthouse hotel (AKA The Courty). It is warm and steamy and the air smells tropical. Why is it that rotting tropical vegetation smells good?

Travelling Kms: 153Kms

Port Douglas and Four Mile Beach, Qld – a tropical paradise

2020 Note: Caravan sites are hard to get in Port Douglas and we made a newbies mistake of giving the park our inside van length not our overall length (towball to bumper bar). Thus, we had a very squeezy site 3½ feet makes a big difference. Feet? For some strange reason caravan lengths are imperial not metric.

Map Source: WikiCamps

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