Queensland, bigger than Texas

The 2nd largest state in Australia, after Western Australia (but that’s not big, it’s mammoth) Qld is 1.853 million square kilometres, that’s pretty damned big It’s two and a half times larger than Texas The state population was 5million as … Continue reading Queensland, bigger than Texas

Multicoloured Innisfail

Innisfail has a multicultural heritage, Aboriginal, English, Italian, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Indian to name a few. The heritage is reflected in the architecture. The town hall and shire offices are art deco. The Catholic Church looks as though it has been uprooted from the South Pacific and the brightly painted water tower, that dominates the town, looks Indian. Parking in the palm lined streets is nose first but there is a surprise. There is another row of cars parked down the centre of the street, each facing the direction that they intend to go. This has us baffled and neither … Continue reading Multicoloured Innisfail


It’s early morning and as I walk along Burleigh Heads beach the voice behind me extols the virtues of buying quality and not being afraid of the cost. I glance up at the multitude of high rise apartments and presume that she’s talking about real estate. As she and her friend pass she mentions that the tights that she is wearing cost $120! And I notice that the quality is indeed so good and so figure hugging that they highlight all of the cellulite in her bum. Continue reading Dimples

Civility Costs Nothing

Last winter we had a forced stay in Yeppoon, Qld while we waited for a spare part for the car. Our RACV Total Care insurance covered the cost of a hire car while the Jeep was off the road. We caught the local bus out front of our caravan park at Mulambin and toured the suburbs of Yeppoon and all the way to Rockhampton airport ( a little over 40kms) where the hire car was waiting. Woody was right, the local bus was an interesting way to travel and the driver was teaching another driver the intricacies of the route. … Continue reading Civility Costs Nothing