Purling Brook Falls

Whilst staying on Queensland’s Gold Coast my sister in law took me to the town of Springbrook in the hinterland to do the Purling Brook Falls walk.

Only a few metres into the forest we get a view of the Purling Brook falls as they plummet to the valley floor below us. Far in the distance we can see the ocean and the high rise buildings of the Gold Coast. Some brave young French folk sit on the very edge of the falls kicking their legs and taking photos. That’s not for us old ducks.

Thankfully my sister in law knows the walk well and the easiest route. We take the circuit walk and start the climb to the bottom. After hundreds of steps the sight is worth it. The delicate falls create a rainbow over the pool at the bottom, ferns and palms glisten with spray. It is difficult to get the whole drop of the falls into one photo without making a fool of oneself.

We cross a small bridge then begin the slow zig zagging walk back up to the top. Thankfully there are few steps to climb as there is only one good knee between us.


Purling Brook Falls Walk
Purling Brook Falls
Purling Brook Falls

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