Civility Costs Nothing

Last winter we had a forced stay in Yeppoon, Qld while we waited for a spare part for the car. Our RACV Total Care insurance covered the cost of a hire car while the Jeep was off the road.

We caught the local bus out front of our caravan park at Mulambin and toured the suburbs of Yeppoon and all the way to Rockhampton airport ( a little over 40kms) where the hire car was waiting. Woody was right, the local bus was an interesting way to travel and the driver was teaching another driver the intricacies of the route. So we now know when to apply the brakes for each bus stop. I’ll bet that will come in handy, well perhaps not.

The two ladies at the car rental counter could not be more different. We were an hour early and through clenched teeth the older woman said “Make ’em wait!” Woody took a deep breath and explained that we had no choice but to catch the bus (like hello, that’s why we’re hiring a car). She stormed out and left the younger girl to bend almost backwards in her efforts to help us. I did feel sorry for her having to work with such a miserable woman …every day, a few minutes was bad enough.

Yeppoon, Qld

6 thoughts on “Civility Costs Nothing

  1. You really have to wonder why some people work in the service industry….she sound like the perfect back office lady – in a office by herself would be best. Absolutely no excuse for cranky customer service people…and I would let the said car hire company know as well.

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