Queensland, bigger than Texas

The 2nd largest state in Australia, after Western Australia (but that’s not big, it’s mammoth)

Qld is 1.853 million square kilometres, that’s pretty damned big

It’s two and a half times larger than Texas

The state population was 5million as at May 2018

The state capital Brisbane has a population of over 2.4 mill (2018) and is the third most populace city in Australia, not to be forgotten are the flanking areas of the Gold Coast to the south and the Sunshine Coast to the north which between them have a population of one million. When you’ve got a caravan on the back and umpteen lanes of traffic around you that drive from Noosa down to Coolangatta certainly feels like one big city.

As at 2018 there were 12.2 million head of cattle in Qld (Meat and Livestock Australia) and that’s a lot of bull.

And while we’re on the subject there is a town in Qld called Texas.

It’s just like an electric blanket. Queensland, a lot of cattle and very few fences (Near Wallaman Falls, Ingham)

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