B Crossing

The residents of Seymour, Vic have done a great job in providing a free camp at historic B Crossing. Just out of town on Northwood Road and beside the Goulburn River this is the perfect spot for a first night out of Melbourne. There are plenty of grassy sites and most are level with views of the river. There is plenty of shade and of course sunny spots for the TV buffs who need satellite reception. There is a charming old wooden bridge that requires quiet contemplation. Now if only we could fish, that would make it perfect.         Continue reading B Crossing

Nail Care

The ground can get as hard as concrete dry weather in Australia. If you have an outdoor mat that needs pegging down and you’ve reached the end of your tether, try using roofing nails. They slide into hard ground easier than tent pegs and can be pushed flat.    Continue reading Nail Care

Well Salted

      At Shark Bay in WA, we swim at Little Lagoon just out of the town of Denham. It is one and a half times more salty than normal sea water and it is impossible to stay on the bottom. On a warm afternoon, we and others are bobbing about like corks. Nearby Shell Beach is home to millions of tiny Fragum cockle shells. They say there are 4000 per square metre but how did they arrive at that figure did they weigh them or count them? The water here is twice as salty as normal sea water. Any … Continue reading Well Salted

Grantham’s Bend

Just out of Wahgunyah and across the Murray River from Corowa is a free camp called Grantham’s Bend. It is on a broad bend of the river and there is plenty of safe camping space. There are no facilities so you will have to bring your own (toilet, shower, water and power). By safe I mean without overhanging branches. For those that aren’t familiar with this area the grand old river Red Gums like the one in the photo are prone to drop enormous limbs with no warning at all. It is not uncommon to hear a mighty crack and … Continue reading Grantham’s Bend

Chookinup Flats

At Nannup in Western Australia’s tall timber of the south we miss our turn off so we just take the next available road which becomes quite interesting if not a little bumpy. We see hand written signs for “Chookinup”. Well I guess everything around here ends in UP anyway. Eventually we find a free range chicken farm with hundreds of chooks scratching about in the dirt. Their hen houses are old caravans! Which only goes to show, that not all caravans end their lives up on blocks at old seaside caravan parks with signs nailed on the front declaring “This’ll … Continue reading Chookinup Flats

The road that never ends…

Well it certainly feels like this road never ends especially when one leg is in plaster. Elliott, NT Elliott is on the Stuart Highway in the Barkly Tableland. There’s not a lot happening in Elliott apart from a cattle yard and a tick dip. The Elliott Caravan Park is a red dirt yard behind the servo. But on some sites there is power and water. There are amenities and a usable pool (which is not much use to me as I’m on crutches, I’m having enough trouble mastering the van shower with one leg stuck out the door) and sixteen … Continue reading The road that never ends…