Rookery or Nursery?

It is early spring in 2012 when we visit Paynesville, Vic with a caravan in tow. Now that is a change for us as in the past we have spent so much time on the Gippsland Lakes just dagging about in boats. I’m surprised to find that the sandy little point at the entrance to the canal which always seems to be home to a lot of water birds has become a serious rookery, with nesting swans dotted everywhere. There are also pelicans, cormorants, ducks and water hens. I skirt the area, not wishing to disturb them and come within … Continue reading Rookery or Nursery?

Upper Goulburn Valley

56kms Jamieson to Wood’s Point The Yea butcher had recommended that we see ‘the valley’, especially the Kevington Pub. We go in search of  The Kevington Hotel and find that it is only 3kms from our camp ground. We drive on as far as Gaffney’s Creek following the Goulburn River all the way. The scenery is breathtaking on every bend. Each property is manicured and all have masses of rhododendron ‘trees’ in full bloom. To us it is reminiscent of New Zealand. Further on the road becomes unsealed but is very good and the farms have given way to virgin bushland … Continue reading Upper Goulburn Valley

Talbot Farmer’s Market

Up early and excited we bundle into El Prado’s 4WD for the short drive from Clunes to Talbot. It turns out to be the 12th anniversary of the Talbot Farmer’s Market and it is a beaut.  It is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month and has grown tremendously since we were last here. Yum Cha; magnificent pork buns, dim sims and spring rolls. Fresh vegetables; Black Russians, ears of corn and locally grown and freshly dug potatoes, still muddied. Rabbits and budgies. Chooks and piglets and Indian Runner ducks. Handcrafts and neck warmers. There’s even a lady who … Continue reading Talbot Farmer’s Market

Awning Cleaner

Awnings get grubby pretty quickly thanks to gum trees and birds that like to leave their calling cards. Not to mention the odd beetle that ends up pressed like a flower when the awning is rolled up. Here’s a recipe from ‘Tuareg’ that works a treat: 1 bucket of water 1 cup bleach 1 Tbs dishwashing liquid Strip off your shirt and put your back into applying mixture to the awning.* Roll the awning up, this action puts the mixture on the other side as well. Have a beer while waiting 20 minutes, then hose off. *Warning: If you are … Continue reading Awning Cleaner

Trip Nerves

I find it hard to describe the feeling of the first day, the setting out on each trip especially the big trips. Nerves, excitement, fear of having forgotten something or leaving the iron on. Then, is the fridge door snibbed? Is the towball locked on? Will we travel safely? But hey, we could be bowled over on the way to our corner shop without having had any adventure. I keep glancing in the side mirror to check that the van is really there, yep we’re on the road. Then horror upon horror, did we pack Woody’s hearing aids? Quaking at … Continue reading Trip Nerves

He didn’t each much

Our club muster dinner was at a busy and bustling hotel in a Victorian Western District town. The meals were delicious and large. We all ate well especially Jack who ordered Pork Belly, the waitress called out “Jack” and served him a Pork Roast. Jack tucked into his dinner with gusto. A few minutes later she returned and called out “Jack, Pork Belly”. We all looked up and Jack realized that he had been eating someone else’s meal. Don then owned up to having ordered the Pork Roast. Brandishing the roast the waitress proudly announced “he only had a couple … Continue reading He didn’t each much