The road that never ends…

Well it certainly feels like this road never ends especially when one leg is in plaster.

Elliott, NT

Elliott is on the Stuart Highway in the Barkly Tableland. There’s not a lot happening in Elliott apart from a cattle yard and a tick dip. The Elliott Caravan Park is a red dirt yard behind the servo. But on some sites there is power and water. There are amenities and a usable pool (which is not much use to me as I’m on crutches, I’m having enough trouble mastering the van shower with one leg stuck out the door) and sixteen peacocks. Doesn’t every traveller want sixteen peacocks? They are fun to watch though.

Renner Springs, NT

Tiny Renner Springs boasts a rodeo ground which consists of a mowed circle of grass with a white water pipe fence. Across the road is an old roadhouse, a van park with some grass and a large windmill. There are more dead trucks here than there are people.

Ti Tree, NT

This park also has a resident peacock. What’s it with peacocks up here? We’re woken at 5:00am by the talking thermometer telling us that the temperature is minus 1.5. “Good morning the temperature is minus 1.5″ she keeps on repeating it just in case we haven’t got the message. Of course I should clarify that it’s -1.5 inside the cupboard!

Elliott, NT
Peacock, at Elliott, NT

5 thoughts on “The road that never ends…

  1. Having just spent three weeks in Sri Lanka, wild peacocks are as common there as deer or squirrels are in other countries. They are truly beautiful, albeit noisy birds. There are even sign posts on the roads saying “Careful. Peacocks” … that’s not a sign one sees everyday. 🙂


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