Still rockin and rollin down the Stuart Highway

Stuart Highway wandering cattle
Oh look, Tiere Am Weg

Still rolling down this long straight highway, yours truly juggling crutches and maps while Woody drives on relentlessly. My God that man can drive when he sets his mind to it.

Handmade road signs tell us of the return of Jesus and “Say No to Fracking Gas”. Woody is muttering something about God, fracking gas and yesterdays Parma.

We notice that the cattle warning signs are now in Japanese and German, I would have thought that a picture of a cow would have been enough to get the message across but now it’s “Tiere Am Weg” (animals on road) as well.

Then there’s “Fooken ‘ell it’s a £10 Pom” near Renner Springs

Cadney Homestead declares “Stop and eat or we’ll both starve”, they’re honest.

Glendambo on the Stuart Highway gives us the choice of two roadhouses, wow this is civilisation. The sign outside says “real coffee” ooh even better. But inside there is a tea towel over the machine and another sign “machine broken”. Ok, perhaps we’re not back in civilization or maybe we just picked the wrong roadhouse.

Coober Pedy, famous for its pockmarked earth with thousands of opal mines declares “Danger unmarked holes”. Really?

Coober Pedy Opal Mines
Coober Pedy. Yep, with all those mullock heaps there must be holes somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Still rockin and rollin down the Stuart Highway

  1. Another great post. Got to love Australia, I have always thought what you are describing is the best part of it( I think anyway) It’s the many wonderful people, animals, places and even signs. We drove 15minute out of our way in Darwin just so l could get a photo of the 130 speed limit sign.LOL


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