Alight in Lightning Ridge

There’s a shop in town called Mr Cheap and he advertises that he sells everything that a caravanner needs so we put him to the test. Just when we thought that we couldn’t find anything we realised that we needed solar lights for our guy rope pegs. Now where have I seen those lights recently? That’s right, the Bourke cemetery. Mr Cheap sells artificial flowers too. Continue reading Alight in Lightning Ridge

Singleton Postie Bike Bash

We stop to stretch our legs at Gilgunnia Rest Area on the Kidman Way in New South Wales and read the history boards. This was once a gold mining town of 1000 people and now it is little more than a piece of gold mining equipment and a dunny in a concrete tank. A ute with a fuel tank on the back pulls up and we wonder what he is doing. Out of the blue a little red postie bike arrives putt putting and fills up followed by another and another. It turns out that they are 30 in total … Continue reading Singleton Postie Bike Bash

It’s Winter Here You Know

It’s a mid July morning in the low twenties (Celsius) when we stop for supplies in Proserpine, Qld. Two older ladies in cardigans move aside for us in the supermarket aisle. As usual we’re wearing T shirts and shorts and one lady taps me on the arm and asks “aren’t you cold?” “No” says Woody “we’re from Melbourne.” That left them giggling. Continue reading It’s Winter Here You Know

A Few Stats on the Size of Western Australia

It’s not until you decide to drive Western Australia from top to bottom that you realise how really large it is. It takes days to drive across the Pilbara region. From the coast at Exmouth to the town of Tom Price took us two days and we didn’t sight a town only the gates of cattle stations. According to Wikipedia statistics, if the state of Western Australia was a country it would be the tenth largest in the world. The road distance from Augusta in the south to Kununurra in the north is 3512kms. Which is a lot further than Los … Continue reading A Few Stats on the Size of Western Australia