Singleton Postie Bike Bash

We stop to stretch our legs at Gilgunnia Rest Area on the Kidman Way in New South Wales and read the history boards. This was once a gold mining town of 1000 people and now it is little more than a piece of gold mining equipment and a dunny in a concrete tank. A ute with a fuel tank on the back pulls up and we wonder what he is doing. Out of the blue a little red postie bike arrives putt putting and fills up followed by another and another. It turns out that they are 30 in total and they’re on a 3000 km ride around New South Wales to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

3 thoughts on “Singleton Postie Bike Bash

  1. Those Postie Bikes get around! We met some coming across the temporary ferry over Cooper Creek a few years ago. They must be hardy riders, suspension isn’t a high priority for Posties.


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