Washing Day

Woody galloped over to the showers at 6:00am as usual then once shampooed and showered, went on to the laundry with our washing basket. Greeting him in the laundry was our park neighbour with every machine filled and another load waiting in front of each one.”Oh” she says “you can use those two over there.”  “Not much use to me” says Woody “they’re both dryers.” “We’ve been on the road for five weeks.” she counters, as if we haven’t. Next morning Woody gets up at 6:00am and loads the washing machines…before he showers. Continue reading Washing Day

Free WIFI?

We spend most of the afternoon in the ‘phone’ shop with much heated discussion about data usage. We are told by said staff that we should make our communications using the free WIFI at McDonald’s. Well doh! We’ve been on the road 3 weeks and the only icons we’ve seen on the horizon are grain silos not golden arches …..I guess they just don’t understand the life of grey nomads. Utterly frustrated we make it back to our camp for happy hour and meet a great bunch of travellers who also spend very little of their time in large towns. Continue reading Free WIFI?

The Southern Grey Nomad, a not so rare species

It’s August 2016, late winter in AustraliaAnd the annual northern migration of the Southern Grey Nomad is well under way. Zig zagging across New South Wales and Queensland ever northward like peripatetic ants in search of a new favourite nesting place. A new nesting place for future winters that is. Even the perils of a rough Bass Strait crossing doesn’t daunt them. You see the Tasmanian Southern Grey Nomad is even hardier than the rest and won’t be put off by sea sickness or a hefty return fare. The South Australians of the species can be found searching for warmth … Continue reading The Southern Grey Nomad, a not so rare species