The Southern Grey Nomad, a not so rare species

It’s August 2016, late winter in AustraliaAnd the annual northern migration of the Southern Grey Nomad is well under way. Zig zagging across New South Wales and Queensland ever northward like peripatetic ants in search of a new favourite nesting place. A new nesting place for future winters that is.

Even the perils of a rough Bass Strait crossing doesn’t daunt them. You see the Tasmanian Southern Grey Nomad is even hardier than the rest and won’t be put off by sea sickness or a hefty return fare.

The South Australians of the species can be found searching for warmth in the outback and their Western counterparts doing the big lap.

How are they identified? 

On the roads they sometimes resemble a funeral procession and when the number of RV’s reaches 1 in every 3 vehicles you can safely say that you’ve found them.

What do they look like?

The male of the species is usually grey (hence the name) or balding and often have bandy legs. The females are more colourful. Both sexes are often a little overweight and despite the claims of the males, both sexes are very talkative. Their catch cry being a cheerful ‘G’day’ although they may not hear your reply as they are often a little hard of hearing.

North of the 30th parallel their dress code changes to shorts, Akubra hats, Croc sandals and T shirts with slogans like ‘Old Farts Rule’.

Are they a pest?

Not at all. If you live anywhere in Australia that is not a capital city and has a daytime temperature that is above twenty degrees during the months of May through October the local traders in your region will be laughing all the way to the bank.


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