Kingaroy Showgrounds

Showgrounds can be an excellent campground choice when you want to be close to town with power and water but without the trimmings. They are usually a little cheaper than caravan parks and roomy enough for big rigs like buses and fifth wheelers.We set up at the Kingaroy Showgrounds and sadly for me we just missed this weeks poultry judging (damn I love a good bantam) but we did find a few pregnant sheep eating pumpkins instead. The camp was a hive of activity with vans and tents and families in town just for the weekend. Obviously Kingaroy is the hot spot of the district.

Yet we couldn’t find anything busier in town than the Showgrounds, the footy and the Peanut Van of course. There are three large silos supposedly full of peanuts and more packed with navy beans (yep, this is also the baked bean capital of Australia. Funny how they only talk about the peanuts isn’t it?)

Next morning the place came to life with tiny bikers racing their machines around the arena. All decked out in their ‘leathers’ and helmets and knee high to a grass hopper they were.

Yes, Showgrounds can be a much more interesting option than caravan parks. 

Kingaroy has spotless amenities and the most caravan friendly grass that I’ve ever seen. The grass is very soft and floppy and doesn’t track into the van like most grasses do.

Kingaroy, Qld. Google Maps


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