Free WIFI?

We spend most of the afternoon in the ‘phone’ shop with much heated discussion about data usage. We are told by said staff that we should make our communications using the free WIFI at McDonald’s. Well doh! We’ve been on the road 3 weeks and the only icons we’ve seen on the horizon are grain silos not golden arches …..I guess they just don’t understand the life of grey nomads. Utterly frustrated we make it back to our camp for happy hour and meet a great bunch of travellers who also spend very little of their time in large towns.


7 thoughts on “Free WIFI?

  1. I thought I had our WiFi all sorted when I bought a new device but it decided it wanted an update when we were on the road. Telstra would do the update for me .. for $25. No thanks.
    I’m sure that place sells lots of burgers. 🙂


    1. Yes that was similar to our experience. Bought a new phone that happily chewed thru our data updating itself. They should update the OS before you leave the store.
      I’ll bet those burgers are good and with egg and Beetroot.


      1. I agree the devices should have the latest update when you take them home. Have just spent about 2 hrs trying to update mine and that’s at home in comfort and no other pressure! I THINK it’s updated now.

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  2. How data usage is billed/used/checked is still an unknown with us? Our phone company will not divulge which apps use up all our data so we are still trying to find the best options! But having said that – what would be do without it? It is certainly a great convenience to have whilst on the road. The Golden Arches are very few and far between where we travel.


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