The Big Galah

In Australia we have a strange passion for building large objects beside highways that we tend to refer to as ‘Big Things’. The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour, that seems to get smaller as I get older. The Big Prawn in Exmouth. The Big Lobster in Kingston and so on. I think you get my drift now. This fellow is the Big Galah at Kimba in South Australia. He’s been guarding the highway for a long time and that pink paint is fading but we still can’t help but say “Ooh, there’s The Big Galah!” Continue reading The Big Galah

Who do you think you are?

  Seeing that we had the car checked over in Perth, I drop into the Broome clinic for my own checkup, oldies must be mindful of these things. So why is she writing about that you say? Well it was fascinating. I fill out the form and it asks for my ethnicity. I think, well that’s unusual at home they normally only need to know whether one is Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Other. So I give it a bit of thought then squeeze Anglo Saxon into the small space and hope that it is sufficient. Which leaves me thinking that … Continue reading Who do you think you are?

Karijini National Park, WA

To my mind Karijini National Park is the best National Park that I’ve visited. Like nothing else, it is a world of contrasts. Dales Gorge campground is in a dry climate area. There are ant mounds, Spinifex grass, red soil and a gentle wind whispers through the trees.   If you didn’t follow the signs you would not know that a gaping chasm is a short walk away. The earth looks to have been ripped open by giant hands exposing an ‘other worldly’ environment hundreds of metres below. There are many of these gorges each quite different, some like Dales gorge … Continue reading Karijini National Park, WA