Who do you think you are?


Seeing that we had the car checked over in Perth, I drop into the Broome clinic for my own checkup, oldies must be mindful of these things. So why is she writing about that you say? Well it was fascinating. I fill out the form and it asks for my ethnicity. I think, well that’s unusual at home they normally only need to know whether one is Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Other. So I give it a bit of thought then squeeze Anglo Saxon into the small space and hope that it is sufficient. Which leaves me thinking that the folks around here are a pretty mixed bag, so how on earth do you fit in Aboriginal, Anglo, Malay, Chinese, Indian and maybe a bit of something else? On top of that in Melbourne we have 130 different countries of origin all happily intermingled. Yes the line on the form should have stretched right across the page. Then the doctor calls me in and asks how much I drink. I reply “a wine or two with dinner” she says “glasses or bottles?” And then goes on to explain that one mustn’t assume up here. She then tells me that she is from down south in Albany. I wonder if that counts as being Albanian?

How Many?

4 thoughts on “Who do you think you are?

  1. Oh dear. My GP asks about my drinking. A lot. I mean she asks a lot, not that I drink a lot. Now I wonder if my nose is in the habit of turning red whenever I’m not looking in the mirror.


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