Ebor Sports & Recreation Area

The little town of Ebor is high up on the Great Dividing Range on the Waterfall Way and not far from Dorrigo. You can feel the altitude here, 1350 metres. The vegetation is sparse and the trees have beards of lichen on the south side of their trunks. When we camp in winter it is very cold. I’ll repeat that, very cold. The recreation reserve has kindly been provided by the locals for free campers and there is a pathway that leads into to the town and pub. Across the road is the walk to the falls which are quite a surprise to see. How can that insignificant little creek put on such a show?

But the big surprise is the air conditioned toilets at the free camp.

Ebor Falls
Ebor. Google Maps

6 thoughts on “Ebor Sports & Recreation Area

      1. It was very steep and has so many bends. Halfway down we could see smoke coming off the brakes of the car and caravan, but luckily, there was a turn-out to pull into, so we stopped for a while and had a cuppa while the brakes cooled down. Pretty scary!


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