Time for a break

Dear readers after 396 posts and a year of blogging I think it is time for a short break. I fell into this world of blogging quite by accident and like Alice in Wonderland I have become quite captivated by all that it encapsulates. Blogging has forced me to write more, photograph even more and share my view of Australia through the eyes of a grey nomad. Being a traveller I feel that I’ve had an insight into your lives in many corners of this amazing planet. I feel that I have come to know some of you even though … Continue reading Time for a break

A winter foray to warmer climes

What an odd trip this recent one was. Racing like idiots to get north of unseasonal rains in the inland of Queensland and thankful that we were not being battered by the driving rain and damaging high tides that hit the coast. Then being stopped by record breaking rain in Mackay and having to abandon plans to visit two National Parks, Finch Hatton and Byfield. Fair weather turned to an icy cold blast at Jondaryan on the Darling Downs when the Mercury only reached nine degrees. Ha, the sub tropics! We had grand plans to zig zag across New South … Continue reading A winter foray to warmer climes

A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold

I was writing a piece on the high incidence of gold discovery in Australian towns when friends invited us to visit the Tarnagulla Strictly Vintage Fair. I was keen to take part in the celebrations as this is such an interesting and lesser known town in the Victorian Goldfields. Our mate ‘R’ who was born and bred in Tarnagulla organised dinner at the only pub, The Golden Age, for a few mates who are  Old Tarnagullans and who now all live in Melbourne, though some like ‘R’ have smallholdings in the goldfields. …The front bar is crowded and a guitarist … Continue reading A Dinner Worth its Weight in Gold