The Lismore Pie Cart

The town of Lismore in northern NSW is a total surprise to us. We park the car in an ordinary street and feel a little dejected but set off for our walk anyway. We try to have a walk in each largish town to prevent the onset of spreading arse syndrome. This usually means that a 300 – 400 km drive includes 3 – 4 kms of walking.

Now back to Lismore. The town is surrounded by hills and upon closer inspection has an enormous Catholic Church complex, several other large churches, a three storey Conservatorium of music, street buskers, a post office topped with a whimsical bell tower and a pie cart. Yes, a Pie Cart and by the looks these guys have been doing it since long before food trucks became trendy. We succumb to a duck and mushroom pie on the footpath under the trees. What? It’s not lunchtime? Too bad these are seriously good pastries.

Damn power lines, great bell tower. Lismore

Lismore Map.JPG

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