Crescent Head

A short distance off the Pacific Highway Crescent Head in NSW is small and unspoilt by modern high rise. It has a relaxed beachside ambience. It is a surf town, in fact the first on the legendary coastal surf trail that runs north. At sun up there are young blokes in black wetsuits hopping about barefoot everywhere. The Crescent Head Caravan Park is on Killick Creek. The creek has a little wooden bridge and the tide runs fast. At low tide the creek is narrow and innocent, at high tide it is broad and fast running and constantly gnawing away the sand banks. Pelicans patrol the sandy creek bank looking for fish. To the south the point is a large knobby headland with a challenging golf course on the saddle between the ocean and the swimming beach. The wind is whipping spray from the tops of the surf. The caravan park is lovely and we are oh so close to the creek, just near the little wooden bridge. We can see the creek mouth as well as the beach. One could spend weeks here just watching the ebb and flow of the tidal creek. Let alone the people and the pelican watching.

The circular amenities block at the caravan park is excellent and the showers have high shelves so our clothes don’t get wet. Now that is thoughtful.

The beach really should be called the pink beach because if you ‘do an emu’ and look very, very closely at the sand there are tiny pink cone shells, tufts of pink sponges and pink barnacles.

The houses are set high up on the hill with views over the beach, the creek and the lagoon. It’s a decent walk to the top of the hill but well worth it for the views.


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