A Valentine’s Recipe

I stumbled across an old family recipe book recently. The Woman’s Mirror Cookery Book from 1937. I thought this may recipe be just the thing for a heart winning dinner. Anyone who goes to this amount of trouble is surely a good catch. The book by the way has loads of my Mother’s notes written across it but thankfully this recipe looks like it was never used. But I do recall a kangaroo tail being seared over the heat of the wood stove once. It’s a far cry from the food of today.


Perhaps Sheep’s Head Mince could be paired with a nice  Jam Sambo for dessert and before anyone gets the wrong idea it is a jam pudding that is cut in half to make a sandwich. The lot could be washed down with a Toast Vim. Toast Vim is a doosey and I don’t doubt that it disappeared into history. Take two slices of brown bread toast, steep them in boiling water then chill in an ice chest before adding lemon juice and dry ginger ale.Yum! That’s enough to send any red blooded male out to lop the head off the nearest sheep.


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